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Africa still remains a difficult place to do business. Poor infrastructure, corruption, political instability and shortage of skilled labour continue to hamper economic activities in some countries in the continent. But doing business with Africa is not all gloom and doom. The rate of returns in Africa is substantially higher than obtainable elsewhere in the world.

In the past five years, for example, returns on capital in Africa was 5% higher than in any other region, according to the World Bank. Between 1990 and 1994, rates of return on foreign direct investment in Africa averaged between 21% and 31% compared to 16-18% for all developing countries.

Africa Business Information Services (AfBIS), an independent private organisation, was formed in 1998 to provide online information on African economies that will help companies and individuals around the world come to a better understanding of these nations and make decisions about them. Though it is our objective to promote trade and investment in Africa, AfBIS is not a public relations outfit. We believe that a better understanding of the real political and economic conditions in African countries can in itself generate more business interest in the continent.

AfBIS on-line internet website will provide reliable information on African countries, including economic and political profiles, sector reports, trade data, profiles of key personalities and details of investment and trade opportunities.

AfBIS also intends to act as a gateway to the sites of other media and research organisations in and outside of Africa that provide useful information and news on countries in the continent.

AfBIS provides a means for companies doing business in and with Africa to take advantage of the new marketing opportunity provided by the internet. Companies will be provided with space in the AfBIS supersite to promote their services and products. By including their site within AfBIS our clients improve their chances of reaching targeted audiences that they would from stand-alone homepages.

The blend of information supplied by our editors, associate media and research organisations as well as client companies is creating in AfBIS a powerful and varied business information supersite.  


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