Gambling is a worldwide addiction. From world-famous Las Vegas casino floors, gas station scratch and wins, to the national lottery, people love to gamble. As the world moves from the physical to the digital age, the gambling industry wanted to make sure they didn’t miss out on this brand-new tech-based field. This is where online casinos came into play and filled the need for gambling that people felt missing on the internet


What is an Online Casino?

An online casino or a virtual casino is an online platform where many types of casino games are available for people to play. Some online casinos focus on one type of game like Poker, while others include a variety of games that you would find on the floor of a real casino like the ones in Vegas and Atlantic City. Online casinos allow you to join the game of your choice and make bets using real money, to try your luck on some big winnings.

Online casinos wherever they are legal to use, succeeded in bringing the casino experience to our homes, computers, and mobile phones. Thanks to online casinos, you can now bet $50 on red, or go all in one a pair of aces from the comfort of your couch. The software for the games is written so that they offer the same odds and win probabilities as their traditional or brick and mortar counterparts.

Most people have trouble for trusting the fairness of these games, and their odds of winning. There are various functions, features, and security protocols to make sure your online casino is not cheating you out of your own. These precautions maintain the fairness of the software adds to the enjoyment of gambling from home.

Types and Features

There are two different type of online casinos currently in existence.

  • Web-based: played completely online through an internet browser. You are not required to install anything to your phone or company.
  • Download-based: These online casinos require you to download the software client in order to play, bet.

Web-based online casinos are growing in popularity, giving people to go to the site login and game on. Another new feature that has become a stable of online casinos is the offering of live dealer games instead of virtual dealer games.

  • Virtual Dealer Games: These are considered the true software based online casinos. All the games are determined using PRNG (Pseudorandom Number Generator) software. All results of dice, card draws, roulette spins, and spin of slot machines are randomized.
  • Live Dealer Games: as the name indicates these games are run by a live dealer who is in a studio or casino live streams and eliminates the software-based decisions in exchange for in-casino gaming experience. You place your bets and the dealer spins the roulette and you get to watch the ball bounce and bounce to glory and defeat.

casino online roulette

One main ways online casinos attract new players and keep their existing customers is through the use of bonuses. Almost every established or up and coming online casino offers some form of a bonus to its users. Some common casino bonus promotions includes:

  • Welcome Bonus: This is for the people signing up for the first time. This gets the new players into the door.
  • Referral Bonus: This bonus type gifts both the person who refers and the one being referred.
  • No-Deposit Bonus: Gives you the ability to start gaming without investing any of your own money
  • Insurance or Cashback Bonus: this bonus type covers a percentage of your losses.
  • Phantom Bonus: This bonus type is reflected in your balance, allowing you to bid higher. However this bonus is non-cashable, meaning you cannot withdraw it.